How to Fix the Problems You Didn’t Know You Had

Non-profit technology is better than ever. Between SaaS platforms, quantum leaps in web design and the power of mobile devices, digital strategy is much more of a necessity for non-profits than it was just a few years ago. These technological advances have driven tremendous advances in the way non-profits
interact with constituents and donors, but only about 12% of organizations self-identify as technological leaders, while the rest said they were rarely maintaining—or failing to maintain—their technology systems. (NTEN)

Chances are, you’ve already tried to step back and evaluate your own technological progress. But have you asked the right questions, and are you prepared to map out a plan of action once you’ve established an answer?

The following whitepaper is meant to act as a checklist will help you hone in on the potential holes in your technology, which in turn will allow you to start making the changes that really matter.

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