TOTO – Custom E-commerce Web Application

TOTO is the world’s largest luxury bathroom product provider, delivering innovative products that are both hygienic and environmentally sustainable. Offering beautiful design and flawless performance, TOTO products elevate the bathroom visit into more than just a routine—it makes people feel cleaner and more alive. As a billion dollar company, TOTO has completely changed the perception of what a bathroom can, and should be.

The Challenge

TOTO came to Icreon with the objective of overhauling their digital presence. The goal of the website is to show TOTO as an innovator in luxury bathroom products, while successfully communicating TOTO’s vision as a company. On top of it all, it was important to convey the essence of Japanese engineering in America. With millions of visitors a year, TOTO needed a website that could handle massive amounts of traffic and assets in a relatively short period of time. As new product models are added on an almost daily basis, TOTO needed a backend that could create, import and publish content instantly.

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