We’re back for more tech talk. We know you’re excited, so let’s get right into it!

Spotify Introduces Daily Mix


Spotify is a leader of music streaming, and almost every Spotify user is a fan of their Discovery Weekly playlist, where Spotify makes a personalized playlist just for you based on what music you’ve been loving lately. Daily Mix is like Discover Weekly’s cousin. Users get from one to six mixes a day depending on their taste, are more organized and tasteful. Instead of finding you new music based on your interest, Daily Mix focuses on organizing your favorites into comfortable categories.


Camera Sunglasses: Snapchat’s Newest Creation

Snapchat’s newest camera sunglasses, “Spectacles”, are built to take videos with a tap of a finger. There’s a tiny camera built into the edge of the frame, and for $129 bucks, it’s a pretty nifty device to have. They are colorful, edgy, and make the social media platform stand out as innovative in its competitive market.

Bill Gates is Worth 90 Billion


Bill Gates’ net worth has reached an all time high. Gates’ is the world’s wealthiest person, and is now worth a big $90 billion. This number had been growing steadily in the past year, since at the beginning of 2016 he was worth $75 billion. How much richer can one man get?


Say Goodbye to Blackberry Phones


Before we had iPhones and the fancy smartphones we have today, we had Blackberries; and yesterday the company announced that it would stop designing its own phones after a 14-year run. The company will still be thriving through software that it’ll be sharing with its partners.


Delta’s New Chip Will Track Your Luggage


Delta Airlines is out to fix a problem everyone has faced at least once: lost baggage. Previously using bar codes, Delta is reinventing their system with RFID chips that will be put on top of a bag to track its location. If this is successful, this can start a revolution where hopefully other airline companies will follow Delta’s lead. With Delta’s name being tossed around in the news recently, it’s good to hear that they’re working on their airline to make a flight as comfortable and painless as possible.

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