Happy Tuesday! We’ve got your weekly digest of our top ten tech moments, so let’s get into it!

Instagram Stories Are Introduced

Girl In Bikinin Taking Selfie On The Beach

There’s something about a short lived memory that is apparently appealing to avid social media users. Snapchat’s main premise is that whatever you post gets deleted in 24 hours – well now Instagram has done primarily the same exact thing. Instagram stories appear right on top of your Instagram feed that allows you to post videos or photos with text, that are automatically deleted after their 24 hour life span.


Delta Airlines Outage


Flying is hard enough as is, and when the airline you rely on suddenly cancels hundreds of flights around the world; it’s more than a little disappointing. This occurred due to a system wide outage at Delta’s Atlanta operation center on Monday, August 8th 2016, but flights were delayed and cancelled up until Wednesday, August 10th, 2016. Compensation has been given to any customers affected by the outage.


Lyft Lets You Make Multiple Stops in One Trip


Lyft and Uber are in a constant battle for rental car dominance, but this week Lyft came out on top. Lyft introduced an extra feature to their app, where passengers can request multiple stops on their Lyft ride. They are the first within their competitors to introduce a concept like this.


Chat It Up with President Obama via Facebook Messenger Bot


Ever wanted to message Barack Obama and casually ask him how his day is going? Well now you can! Sort of. This is a part of Facebook’s new chat option to message a business the same way you message any of your close friends. The White House put their own spin on this, and President Obama actually reads ten messages from chats every night.


CVS Pharmacy Introduces CVS Pay – A Loyalty Program and Mobile Payment App All in One


CVS Pay, CVS Pharmacy’s new idea to make checkout as easy and quick as possible, is launching on Thursday, August 11th. This solution will let you pay for items and pick up prescriptions all while earning points – all through one barcode. This will make shopping at CVS easier, as well as storing consumer information.


Robot Helps Take Olympics Underwater Photos

kaboompics.com_Cloesup of blue water

Have you ever wondered: how the hell do the Olympics have such beautiful underwater photos of their athletes? Well, in the 2016 Olympics in Rio, photographers are getting some help from a robot. Underwater robotic cameras have taken away the pressure of taking that perfect shot. Before the robots, photographers would have to take a guess of when the swimmer would be in the frame. Now, with the robotic cameras, they can zoom in and out, tilt, spin, and take a lot more photos.


Waze Will Help You Avoid Traffic Around Big Events


Ever been in your car, stuck in traffic when you suddenly remember that a huge festival is in town? This happens more often than one would think. Waze is starting to figure out a solution. Waze is a traffic-mapping app that directs you from one destination to another while trying to avoid traffic. Now they’ve launched an extension that helps drivers avoid jams due to any sort of event in a neighborhood. They’re teaming up with hosts of big events to keep you from excessive delays.


T-Mobile’s Unlimited Pokemon Go Data: Cool or Cruel?


On July 19th, 2016, T-Mobile gave its users the opportunity to receive unlimited Pokemon Go data for a year through its T-Mobile Tuesdays app. While most T-Mobile users were thrilled at this deal and instantly jumped on the bandwagon, T-Mobile is now getting a lot of criticism for their offer. Apparently this violates the principle of net neutrality. Making Pokemon Go data free eliminates competition and hurts small businesses that will use up the data you paid for.


New Emojis To Be Added with Apple’s iOS 10 Update


Apple’s new update is said to feature more than 100 new diverse emojis. Among them, Apple has replaced the gun emoji with a water pistol. Some of these continue to try and include better representation for people worldwide as well as gender, sexuality, and others.


Samsung Releases The Gear 360 in the US on August 19th


Samsung’s first 360-degree camera is hitting stores on August 19th in the United States. This camera uses 195-degree lenses to shoot photos and videos through overlapping images. It’s directly compatible with recent Samsung phones including the Galaxy S7 or the S7 Edge. This device makes it easy to shoot great quality 360 content at a price of $349.

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